Monday, June 6, 2016

Weekly Update as of June 6, 2016

Weekly update


Spencer Vickers

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Zdar my wonderful family, friends, and různé (could someone tell me what that is in English?) acquaintances!

It brings me so much happiness to see how you are doing each week. I think my inability to remember things is I gift from Heavenly Father because every week I come onto the computer at the Local Library in Olomouc and I see how much you've all grown and what's new in your lives! I love it. :) Sorry if I'm the kind of RM who tells you the same stories 5 times a day. Good luck with me when I get home in a little over a year! Ugh. That's not a good thought to know I have to leave this wonderful place in a little over a year. :'( :'( I've still got lots of time and things to do hear though so I'm glad. :)

This week, we really saw blessings in our missionary work when we bore solid, powerful testimony of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ through the story of Joseph Smith. When we literally just recited the story of how Joseph searched through different religions to figure out which of all the denominations was correct, people listened closer and more intently. The power of the message of the restoration literally changes hearts.

President McConkie has given us a Challenge to bring some to the Covenant of Baptism, or remind someone of the promises they made with Heavenly Father at baptism, by the 25th of June. Elder Paxton and I have full confidence that we can do that, and we would really appreciate more prayers on behalf of our investigators for the 25th of June. I feel your prayers so much already, and I'm so grateful for them. I know as all of us increase our faith a little bit more, one of our brothers or sisters here in Olomouc will come to the Covenants to be made at baptism by the 25th of June. Thank you!

A note to future missionaries: Set good expectations with your investigators! Please! For your sake as well as the sake of future missionaries. When investigators don't understand that you are there to help them come unto to Christ by helping them towards the Covenants of baptism, including being an active member in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, it uses God's time very poorly. People need to know that the missionary purpose isn't to be a psychiatrist, but it is to help them towards the perfect physician: Jesus Christ.

Thanks for your prayers everyone! S Laskou, 

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