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Week of June 20, 2016

Sorry Mark O.,  I got mixed up doing your blog and Spencers:)  Oh well its fun that you can have a little of Spencer's mission to save on your blog too.   

Anne Bowen bowenanne9@gmail.com

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to me

It’s been a while since I’ve sent pictures! I’ll try to do better! We love your beautiful boy! He is extremely hard working and obedient and is a great missionary. Everyone loves him…he is kind, loving, patient and lots of fun. He knows how to work hard and enjoy doing it….a rare trait and one of the reasons he is such a good servant of the Lord.
I’m attaching some pictures we have taken in recent weeks. xoxox Sister Bowen

1) Some of the branch and missionaries at the Prague Conference (L to R: Andreas & Dada, Honza (our homeless member,) Elders Swink, Nelson, Trythall, Vickers, Sležar family, (with President Zatloukal and Elder Nelson’s mother on the back row.)
2) Elder Vickers and Elder Paxton in our car on the way home from Zone training, yesterday.
3)More members at the Prague conference: L to R back row:  Elders Cardon & Paxton, Elishka, our recent convert, Elders Swink & Page, Honza, Elder Vickers, Brother Matl, Elder Bowen.  L to R: Front row: Pres. Zatloukal with Dvorak family & Sister Matl & Sister Bowen.
4) Pres. and Sister McConkie teaching at zone training
5,6&7) Missionaries bowling

Kathy Holt khholt@hotmail.com

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Hi Parents,

I'm sorry we didn't email you earlier, but the missionaries had a Zone Conference in Brno today, so their P Day will be tomorrow

Best Regards,

Sister Kathy Holt

Spencer Vickers

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Strawberry picking.

Dinner at the Dvořakovi. Little Honzík got creative!

Super high cathloic church tower thingy! 

Really expensive internet cafe! 

Spencer Vickers

Jun 18 (3 days ago)
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Zdar! How are my beloved, crazy family and friends back in the states (As far as I'm aware, you're all in the states)?

Thank you so much for your prayers. I want you to know that they've certainly been working for me. I want to bear you my testimony that prayer has Power. Heavenly Father has given us the freedom to choose and asks us to use our agency to pray to him to ask him to bless us. It could be so simple that he would just bless us and bless us without requiring anything of us, but because we CHOOSE to be obedient to him; because we CHOOSE to speak with him as our Father, that act fulfills our earthy goal set forth by a loving Heavenly Father: to learn and to grow to become one day perfect, as he is. I'm so grateful for the knowledge that we can progress eternally. How boring would it be if we hit a limit that we couldn't overcome? That's not to say that we shouldn't be grateful for what we already have because we absolutely should be humble and grateful for our possessions, but I've really come to understand why we progress at all here in this life. Our choices now effect who we will be and where we will want to be in the eternities. Heavenly Father wants us to come back to him, but as Brad Wilcox puts it, "it will not be the unrepentant sinner begging Christ, 'Please. Let me stay.' However it will be Christ saying, 'Please. Use my atonement. Stay here.' Heaven will not be heaven for those who don't feel comfortable in God's presence.'" 

I've seen miracles in myself, in the people here, but most of all in my family. The Lord has truly been merciful to my family as my older brother Mark and I have shown our love for the Lord by serving missions. He's poured out blessings of comfort; healing physically, spiritually, and mentally; love; support; and so much more. I love my savior. 

Today, we picked strawberries with Barča and Lihn! I picked 4 kg of strawberries so I'm going to have to get real creative with cooking over the next... year. ;) Haha, we'll probably end up gifting a lot to our neighbors. Who knows, maybe it'll be a great finding opportunity. :)

I'm excited to hear from all of you! You bums who have emailed me in a while, get to it! ;) I love you all. Let me know what I can to for you. Thanks so much for all the prayers.

S Laskou,

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