Monday, April 4, 2016

Mission weekly letter from President April 4, 2016


Monday, April 4, 2016

A Wonderful Weekend and Wonderful Month!

To the Missionaries of the Great Texas Houston Mission,

What a wonderful experience it is to listen to general conference. It seems like it is even better while serving a mission! We loved the messages we heard. Many really stood out to us. One of them was Elder Renlund's talk. He spoke of how our proximity to the Lord determines the way we receive His counsel. If we are finding ourselves complaining instead of willingly receiving it, we need to repent and draw nearer to Him.

How inspiring to hear from President Monson. He doesn't have the strength that he once had, but is still committed to share the impressions that he is receiving from the Lord. We hope you listened. He spoke of having a vision for our lives; that when we understand where we are going, all of our decisions become very important in helping us get there.

We encourage District leaders to reserve some time at this weeks district meeting to discuss highlights and impressions of general conference especially focusing on how we can implement those things to make us better servants of the Lord.

This has been an equally remarkable month! More souls have come to the waters of baptism during this past March than they have in decades! Your increasing faith and obedience is leading to greater and greater miracles. We love you for it! You are making profound impacts on the lives of our brothers and sisters in this part of the Lord's vineyard.

We love hearing of the other miracles, some of which include the Tomball Elders asking a member who works for the school district to find out if we could teach family history in the schools. The request made it to the superintendent who said, "not only are we interested, but I'd like to attend myself." Great job Elders. We were equally excited to learn that the smallest branch in our mission in Hearne has invited 8 non member girls to attend girls camp and all have accepted the invitation! Great work Sisters! Many other miracles are taking place as we are broadening our vision and extending our reach. Think bigger. We loved reading about the Katy 1st Sisters stumbling upon a large family reunion (more than 50 people) in a pavilion and went to the microphone and shared a message about Easter and families.

We are the light bearers. We must speak out and speak up; stand out and and stand up. The blessings will continue!

May the Lord continue to pour out His bounteous blessings upon you as you labor in this beautiful portion of His vineyard! We love serving with such valiant servants!


President and Sister Mortensen

The Following pictures are each zone giving their accountability reports at MLC. They are awesome!

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