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Mark O., weekly letter April 4, 2016

Mark Owen Vickers

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Greetings from the best state in the union,

Another fun week of changes. Our mission president called us Friday night after interviews that morning. I answered and he told us that he had "been thinking about us all day" and that we were being transferred to a new area. He assured me this move was being done because of a need in the mission and not a problem/some sort of lacking on our part which was re-assuring. 

Our new area is the Magnolia 1st ward and I can tell this area is going to be fun! We are starting our 5th week of Elder McDonald's 12 week training and will have his 8 week review on May 4th. '8 week' is something that is unique to our mission, so far that I am aware, where missionaries that arrived 8 weeks prior along with their trainers come together to review the new missionaries progress. It can be a bit intimidating. As a new missionary you don't quite feel a sense of mastery and I don't think any missionary ever does. It's actually a good thing as we are motivated to continue learning/growing. 

This new area is quite a bit more rural than our last one. Churches dot just about every corner which is cool. We will be reaching out to the various leaders/pastors to see if there are any opportunities for us to serve their congregations. 

We had the opportunity to listen to our church leaders in the semi-annual General Conference sessions this last Saturday and Sunday. The messages they shared touched me and as I listed I had specific promptings on how to further the Lord's work in this new area. These messages and more can be found at:

The new format makes it easier than ever to find answers to the questions we all have.

With that said if any of you that receive these weekly updates ever have a question please don't hesitate to send me an email and I will do my best to answer. 

I'm sure after I send off this email that I will think of about 10 things I haven't mentioned but that's ok. 

Love ya, until next week,





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