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March 14 2016 Updates

Mark Owen Vickers

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Hey Ya'll,
What a week this has been. This last week we had transfers and Elder Roper and I said goodbye to the Ulloa family for now. They are so great and got to meet Elder Oaks this last Sunday at a special Stake Conference. I have been called as a trainer. Yep you heard that right. Can you say overwhelmed? Apparently President Mortensen and the Lord see potential in me. I jest, but I really do feel a heavy responsibility for my new companion Elder McDonald. I am attaching a picture of us.
Our new area is the Glen Loch and YSA(Young Single Adult) wards which we share with a set of sister missionaries, Sister Soto and Teasdale. They are fantastic and have been super helpful as this area is new to both Elder McDonald and I. Elder McDonald hales from Idaho Falls and comes straight from the MTC(Missionary Training Center).
We have started teaching a YSA by the name of Fabrice who is from Cameroon Africa. He loves soccer and has been coming to our sports activities on Saturday. He has not had much exposure to religion/God in the past but has decided to meet with us to learn more.
Love you all....keep those prayers coming our way,


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to Mark
Both you and Spence a re e in YSA wards!!!


9:46 PM (13 hours ago)
to SpencerMark
Here's our little angle Elly this week!   
Wow you both got transferred this past week!  And what a week!   Mark O.,   You had the amazing experience of participating in the baptism of the Uolla family!
And Spence you got moved to the city of Ollomoc to serve with the CES missionaries brother and Sister Bowen who are from our stake!!!!  They know and love many of the same people we do here and now they are there with you!!!
I had a very spiritual experience with your Grandpa Keddington yesterday.
I called him to talk to him about coming out for Kirks wedding.  As we talked he said, "so have you heard that I've been going back to church?"   I said, "Yes dad I think I have."   Then he asked me if I would like to hear about why he's gone back to church after nearly 50 years."   I said, "of course I would like to hear."  
He said, "Have you heard of the movie 17 miracles?"  yes I have!!!  Then he said that while he was watching it a powerful feeling of love and gratitude came over him towards his ancestors who sacrificed so much for our family.   He said he has to take the progress slow but he does attend church now!!!
And he was crying while he told me.   I've never seen him cry!   
How sweet!  Then he told me that he loves us all and his posterity and he was weeping.  Wow direct blessing from both your settings apart!!!
Also Kirk went to sacrament meeting at his fiances' ward for her brothers homecoming:)   

Mark Owen Vickers

10:17 AM (1 hour ago)
to me
That is so cool. Hopefully they can study the Gospel together. Have you seen the Church's Easter videos? So good.  This one is my favorite; 
Lance should check out this section:

Mark Owen Vickers

9:58 AM (1 hour ago)
to meSpencer
That is amazing. I am so happy to hear this about Grandpa Keddington. I've always liked him. You probably already thought about this but maybe recommend to him Alma 32 (faith is like a seed) :)
Is his fiance active LDS?


Monday, March 14, 2016

Developing the Faith to Find

To the Missionaries of the Great Texas Houston Mission,

One of the challenges in missionary work is when we have so much success in teaching and baptizing, often the commitment to find is weakened. Finding is an act of faith. The problem with this is that the faith required to find is like a muscle. When it's not used, it's weakened. In this context, please read Moroni 7:37,38 to remember what the Lord requires before He performs miracles through us. What does that mean for our efforts to find? Our commitment to find is what leads to miracles.

We are creatures of habit. We sometimes fall into ruts and forget all of the other options available to us. We would like to extend to each of you an assignment to read Ch 9 of Preach My Gospel in personal study over the course of the next 4 weeks and discuss it during companionship study. We hope you will pay particular attention to the "Ideas for Study and Application" at the end of the Chapter.

We promise you that as you study and carefully listen to the promptings you receive, you will be directed in your efforts to find more effectively and more regularly. Finding is an act of faith. We love the statement at the end of Chapter 9: "No Effort Is Wasted". Every effort, every prayer, every invitation will all contribute to the process of bringing souls unto Christ and accomplishing our missionary purpose.

We love you and for the great efforts you are making to bring to pass the Lord's work!


President and Sister Mortensen

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