Monday, February 1, 2016

Sixth Preparation Day....

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to Geneene, Spencer, Mark
Today Brother Sidwell passed out in sacr ament during the first youth speakers talk.  The bishop, Brother Miller, and several others ran to his aid.  Lucily the fire station is so close and they came right away.   Then bishop suggested the little girl start her talk over😋

On a more spiritual note,  many people ask me how you two are doing.   Ok always say wonderful!    Brother Lewis gave the closing prayer.  It was so beautiful!   He specifically prayed over the missionaries in our ward.

Also the spirit whispered to me that as we honor our Father in Heaven He will honor us.  I am so happy when He is giving me a message.  I will often study
It in my morning scripture then later the same message will come.

One of the speakers today quoted
1 Nephi 7:12

12 Yea, and how is it that ye have forgotten that the Lord is able to do all things according to his will, for the children of men, if it so be that they exercise faith in him? Wherefore, let us be faithful to him.

Mark Owen Vickers
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Greetings from Texas,

Another great week out here in Texas. Our interactions this week were really interesting. We first met a man named Austin who was apparently meeting with missionaries 8 months prior. We didn't have him in our records anywhere. We talked with him for about 45 minutes about a number of topics including why 'Mormons' wear garments, temples, prophets, the Book of Mormon, and why we as a church feel it so necessary to share what we know. Apparently with the other missionaries they would come and break bread with him and his family and answered questions but never sat down to hear the lessons. It was a great discussion and we hope to get back with him soon to talk in greater detail.

We met another man named Kevin while biking on a busy street. At first he was quite belligerent and rude. He was yelling "Jesus is deity" among other things. We responded in kind that we believe that as well. He rode off. We were headed in that same direction and so waited for a minute or two and then started down the path once more. He apparently decided to stop on the path and wait for us. He started up again and Elder Roper said "sir we don't want to argue with you". What could have easily gotten out of hand turned out really well. After a few minutes of discussion he invited us to his home for a bottle of water. We met his neighbor who is religious and prayed with them both. Kevin also invited us back to his home if we ever wanted to study the scriptures together or help him with his ministry to help the homeless. I'm thankful that cooler heads prevailed and now we have a new friend.

Last preparation day after emailing we went out for haircuts. It was long overdue. The owner was very kind and we had a great conversation of her home country of Mexico.

A family in the ward is working to get their home sold so they can retire. Elder Roper and I were able to go and paint a room in the home. They also have this bird that is basically their child. Maybe I can get a picture. :)

The best part of this week was a missionary conference where all 3 Houston missions came together to hear President Russell M. Nelson speak to us. Over 700 missionaries were in attendance. He spoke on a number of subjects but focused on using family history as a missionary tool in our work. The Spirit was so strong in that meeting and you could feel the love he has for each of us.

Love you all and thank you for your support,

-Elder Mark Vickers
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DEANNE VICKERS 11:37 AM (8 hours ago)
Awesome! You look great!!!

DEANNE VICKERS 11:37 AM (8 hours ago)
How much weight have you lost?

Mark Owen Vickers
10:34 AM (9 hours ago)

to me 
It's true!

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