Monday, February 29, 2016

February 29, 2016

Mark Owen Vickers

10:39 AM (12 hours ago)
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Howdy Ya'll,
Greetings from Texas everyone! Another great week here in Spring Creek/Tomball.
Our focus this week has been on the Ulloa family. They are fantastic! We finished the lessons with them this week and their baptismal service is set for March 5th. Opportunities to teach an entire family are rare and I consider this time with there family a huge blessing.
On Tuesday of this week Elder Roper and I attended an activity for the youth in our ward. It was held outside and that night just happened to be freezing and super windy. The youth invited quite a few of their friends not of our faith and we talked about missionary work for about 30 minutes as a group. Elder Roper and I spoke on topics such as 'what we wished we had done better to prepare', 'how to get along with someone 24/7', 'craziest thing we've eaten' among many other things. As you can see the topics ranged from the serious to the silly. It was great! The youth also made dessert and side dishes in dutch ovens as part of the activity with Elder Roper and I as judges. They aren't bad cooks, these kids.
We also had the chance to attend a "Why I Believe" fireside hosted by our mission president and his wife yesterday. Several recent converts bore their testimonies and we had a missionary choir of about 40 missionaries of which I participated in. For those of you who know me well, you know I don't sing haha. It was good. The Spirit helped make up for what I lack in talent. Such a great experience to hear these new members and our president bear testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ.
Until next week,      (!:)     
                                                                   "Work Hard...Play Hard:)"

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