Monday, February 8, 2016

Seventh Preparation Day

Dear elder Vickers,

I love being able to say that. How has the work been going? We've loved being
able to put your investigators names on the temple roll and pray for them.
 Are you still with Elder Roper?  How has the weather been?
Sorry I'm just full of questions right now :-).
Don't know if you heard or not but the Broncos beat the Panthers in the
Super Bowl yesterday.

Look forward to your email today. Love you so much.  dad  

Mark Owen Vickers

11:04 AM (6 hours ago)
to me
Hey Dad,
The work is going well. Details to come in this weeks letter. Still with
Elder Roper for at least 4 weeks.
After that I'll likely stay and he'll be transferred out. The weather is doing alright.
There have been a few cold days, not too much rain.
There was a good storm the other night that woke me up which you takes some doing. haha
I heard.
Good for Payton, he needed one more, hopefully he'll retire now.
Now to get writing on that update. :)
Love you!

Mark Owen Vickers

11:06 AM (6 hours ago)
to me
I can definitely pray for Lance. I'll write him a letter. :)
There is a great talk that Elder Bednar gives in the MTC which
tells us that a testimony is not enough, that we must be converted and
continue to be converted throughout our lives.

Mark Owen Vickers
11:08 AM (6 hours ago)

to me 
Not sure yet! I haven't been able to get on a scale.
 Probably something like 20 pounds. :)

Mark Owen Vickers

11:36 AM (5 hours ago)

Hey Everyone,

What a great week this was. 

We continue to help this family in our ward to paint their house.
 If you see a picture of us in yellow we are either painting or doing
some sort of other service. 

After emailing this last week we went to a park about 3 miles
from our apartment and biked around for a bit.
We came to this grassy area with a large pond and a sign which
informed us not to feed the alligators. Wait, alligators? Yep.
So that was a bit unnerving but made for a fun day at the park.
Oh also we saw this snake. :)

We are teaching this man named Jim who is in his 50's and loves
rock and roll. Most of the time we start our lessons with him by listening
to his latest song. He is a musician and loves his Gibson guitars. 

This next week will be focused on preparing me for my 8 week review where I'll be teaching fellow missionary trainers as well as our mission president. Quite intimidating but I know that with the Lord's help I'll do just fine.     With love from Houston

Mark Owen Vickers
10:48 AM (10 hours ago)

to me
Nice! Tell him I know it's not easy but to keep with it.
Braces are the best and the worst.

Mark Owen Vickers
11:37 AM (10 hours ago)

to me
Very nice. Tell Natalie and Skyler I am super excited for them and
proud of them. Wish I could be there!

All for this week. Love you all!

  Dear Sons,
Today, February 6, 2016 your sister Natalie went through the
Timpanogus Temple and received her endowments!!!
It was wonderful!  Bryan babysat Elly so Laura could come.
Skyler was there by himself, but what a special night!
It was kind of fun because I brought one of the names you did Spence.
Her name was Cora and she was born in 1883.    She was born in Texas
I loved being Nat’s escort.  
I told her she’s among the angels now
Skyler has moved his bed, TV, dresser downstairs so far.
I think he will get the rest of his stuff in there this next week
Lance is on a date tonight  I am just sitting here waiting for him.
It’s about 11:40 p.m.  I didn’t realize Utah has a curfew for teens under 18.
They are not to be out between the ages of midnight and 5.

Bryan is publishing on his own now!  He will have to tell you all about it.
We can’t wait to get the actual publication.

On The Texas Houston Mission Blog President Mortenson took this picture
with Mark and Elder Roper.

"We saw these wonderful elder today at church"

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