Monday, January 25, 2016

Fifth Preparation Day January 25, 2016 Weekly Update

Mark Owen Vickers

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Hello All,
Wow so this week was fantastic!
Adventure Day:
We decided that Tuesday of this last week we would spend in the top of our area. I may or may not have mentioned previously that we are on bikes. For us the top of our area is about an hour bike ride. We soon found that the only accessible roads were 45plus mph without a shoulder to speak of. We had to get a bit "creative" to get around. I've attached a picture of one of the "roads" we had to use. So much fun! Luckily I am on a mountain bike so it was easy. My trainer, Elder Roper, had a bit of a harder time on the "townie"/cruiser but he's a pro so no worries.
We soon found that the neighborhood on the map was a gated community which we were not going to be able to contact people in. Next to that was a private school with about 100 different flags from around the world. We were able to contact some people on the way back but only a few. The best contact of the day was Amanda who we talked to for about 10 minutes. She wants to know more about our temples. 

While on exchanges with our district leader, Elder Lopp, we were able to find two new people to teach. Such a blessing. We are currently teaching a woman named Nellie and her son Jackson. Nellie was able to come to church with us this last week and loved it! In Sunday School we discussed our pre-earth life and the council in heaven prior to us coming to this earth. The lesson really allowed everyone to share their experiences. One person shared "we come to church and dress up to show respect for the Lord but on the inside we all struggle." He shared how his wife has cancer for the 2nd time, someone else shared how they have 2 special needs children, and Nellie shared an experience where she new that the Savior was there with her in a serious accident.
I know that Jesus Christ Lives. I know that He took upon our infirmities (sicknesses, pains, emotions) "that he may know according to the fleshhow to succor his people according to their infirmities." Alma 7:11-13
I am so grateful for the support I have both here and at home. I pray that all of you have a great week and feel of this same love that I know each of us have access to.
Pictures: My trainer, Elder Rope at Christmas. Myself last preparation day. One of the "roads" we used to get around.

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