Monday, January 11, 2016

3rd pday in The Mission

Mark and his first companion Elder Roper sent by Sister Wright

Mark Owen Vickers

12:31 PM (2 hours ago)
Hi Everyone,
More computer issues this week so I'll have to be short.
This week was full of miracles large and small. We are teaching a Nellie and her son Jackson. they travel quite a bit so it's hard to get in with them but our first lesson on the Restoration was great. Jackson asked several questions that lead right into the next point of the lesson. This is a testimony to me that the Lord had prepared this family to hear the Gospel.
It's still a bit cold here in Texas. Hopefully that changes soon. Cold and biking don't mix. Take my word for it.
We do something in this mission called "8 week" where we have to prepare outlines on the first 5 lessons in Preach My Gospel. This will be happening here shortly and I am working to be prepared.
I love you all and will try next week to have better detail; provided this computer is working better. :)

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