Thursday, March 16, 2017

March 6, 2017

  Daddy Mark "diagnosing" Grandpa Vickers

Dear Beloved Sons,
Can you tell that your mom and I have been listening to the Book of Mormon?:).  We've just finished Alma and have just begun Helaman.
It amazes us How much faith The various prophets had.  For example when the Lord gave Nepji the sealing power and made his calling and election sure.   

He did this because he knew that Nephi would not do anything contrary to what the Lord would do.  

What a great blessing and an example of how we should live our lives.  Remember your setting apart blessiings that if you are strictly obedient you are entitled to magnificent blessiings and power from our Heavenly Father and your ancestors on the other side of the veil.   

You are both in the fourth quarter of your mission. Be sure to dedicate these last days of your mission.   This will provide both of you with the foundation to serve the Lord all the days of your life.   We live you so very very muchand pray constantly for your success.  Have a fantastic week.  

Love Eternally,
Mom and Dad

PS. I sent you this picture of your dad, "diagnosing" grandpa because Laura and Bryan both had severe cold and Elky would put her hand on their foreheads and tell them she is diagnosing them!!!

I guess she got that from Doc McStuffens cartoon😃

Mark Owen Vickers

Mar 6 (7 days ago)
to me, bcc: me
Hey Everyone!

Hope y'all are doing great wherever you are. We've been working hard here in the Melbourne Ward. Our ward covers the city of Houston north of the Heights area. It has been really fast pasted and the past few weeks have just flown right by. We are working with some great people right now. We met a man by the name of George about 2 weeks back. He has been here in Houston for almost a year now and really looking for a place he can feel at home. We hope to have him join us this coming week for church! 
We have had some amazing experiences this last week with people. As we met with two different women this week we had the opportunity to testify to them how our Father in Heaven is truly aware of them and their specific challenges. There really isn't any thing that comes close to helping people feel the love Heavenly Father has for each one of us. 
This next week is going to be full of service opportunities. I'm pumped! We are going to serve at the Peanut Butter Factory which supplies peanut butter for those in need all over the world starting right here in Houston. 

-- Elder Mark Vickers

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