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December 5, 2016

Mark Owen Vickers

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Hello Everybody!

Another great week here in Houston Texas. So much has happened over the last few weeks I can think of what to share. One experience stands out. We were out knocking doors the day after Thanksgiving and about 10 houses down on this street we knocked on a home. A young woman opened the door said hello, then a man in his 40's said we're not interested, followed by his wife from the dining room asking 'Would y'all like a plate of food?' Well Elders never turn down food so we gladly accepted. The man looked over at his wife as if to say "Are you crazy?' It was great! His wife came to the door and invited us in. As we spoke with her we learned that Grandma would be coming in about 5 minutes and that she is a member of our church. Coincidence? I think not. The grandmother was so pleased to see us and we visited with the whole family for a few minutes. We were able to share a message with them and then went on our way. Small miracles like this one have been happening nearly every day. 

On a more sad note as many of you may know my Grandpa Vickers passed away recently. I will miss him. I had a few opportunities to visit with him in recent years and know that he loved us and this gospel. I wish I could have been there to say goodbye but I know one day we will see him again. 

I have been called as a Zone Leader for the Woodlands Zone and am also training a new missionary by the name of Elder Troy. He has a lot of enthusiasm and is ready to serve. It's a good breath of fresh air to train a new missionary. 

If you have not already seen the new Christmas video check it out:

Until next week,


Grandpa Keddington at Swiss Temple Dedication

Mark Owen Vickers

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My 'sons' I am training again this transfer. :)



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We were able to go to the funeral home yesterday with Aunt Vicki, Uncle Brian, our Bryan, Uncle Bill, and Angela. The worthy priesthood temple holders were allowed to dress him. The veil has been so thin all week long. The only way I can describe it is as attachment but for me more like a gentle wind. Both Aunt Vicki and dad describe it as the peace that only the gospel brings.

On the way home we stopped by Laura's.Dad and Elly were having a tea party.

Lance didn't come with us because he went to an open house at UVU where he was able to apply for college without paying an application fee. A young lady from East High was standing in line with him and he asked her how she liked going to High School Musical. She promptly told him to shut up😬

I can't remember if I sent you Grandpas obituary yet. Both of you are honorary pallbearers.

I will write more as the weekend goes along!

Love you!!!

Spencer Vickers

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That's one intense christmas tree! 

I'm glad that everything with Grandpa's funeral went well. :)

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