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Teaching and Zone Conference Assignments

To the Missionaries of the Great Texas Houston Mission,

We trust you had an uplifting zone meeting on Friday. As you are now aware, we have introduced a new standard of excellence related to teaching lessons. The lessons that relate to this standard are the lessons we are already counting (MPs, Other and LARCs). Too many of us fail to realize that we are ordained ministers and are called to teach repentance so that we can baptize converts. It is difficult for us to do this if we aren't teaching regularly. Teaching frequently is the way we learn to teach effectively and teach with power.

We invite each companionship to reevaluate your interactions with less actives and recent converts to make sure you are looking to teach rather than just visit. Plan for these events. You have lessons and the THM toolkit outlines to choose from to build faith in those you visit. You ought to carry this same mentality into your interactions with members. Look to teach. Members are waiting for impressive missionaries to have the confidence to invite their friends to learn more. Be those missionaries!

We are excited to see you all this coming week at zone conference. In preparation for our event, we would like to make the following assignments for 5 minute talks:

Companion with the longer time in the mission: John 20: Thomas.
Why does Thomas react the way he does? How can we be like Thomas as missionaries. What can we learn from Christ’s council? If we understand His council, what changes in the way we work?

Companion with less time in the mission: Isaiah 53:3-5, Alma 7:11-13, D&C 19:15-19, 1 Ne 19:8-9, Alma 42:14-17, 2 Ne 9:19-24: Why is a clear understanding of the Atonement of Jesus Christ an important foundation for teaching repentance?  What does this mean for us as missionaries (What ought to change in us when we understand this?) and How does this change the way we teach repentance to our investigators?

Be prayerful in your preparation so we can be edified together as we gather in zone conference.


President and Sister Mortensen

Mark Owen Vickers

2:49 PM (7 hours ago)
to me
Hey Dad,

The Work is going so great. Hopefully I can get an update sent out in
a few. Good luck with surgery. Let me know when it's set so I can fast
for you. :)

That is a small world. Although I've seen that a ton on the mission.
Most people here are Utah transplants or Arizona or Idaho.

Love ya!

-- Elder Mark Vickers

Mark Owen Vickers

2:01 PM (7 hours ago)
to meSpencer
Hola Mi Madre y Padre,

Como Estas? Bien. Y tu? Haha. 

Those cycling sports are intense. How was the reception? Where did they have it? 

That is too bad about Lance's car. Glad it lasted this long though. Is he gonna get something else or ride the bus?

That's awesome that Bryan is playing soccer again. I want to get into some sort of rec league coming home.

-- Elder Mark Vickers

Just found this picture on the Houston Texas Mission Facebook page!  

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