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Independence Day, Patriots and YOU!

To the Missionaries of the Great Texas Houston Mission,

The 4th of July is typically referred to as Independence Day. A day when America finally became free. Growing up we read many biography books about the early American Patriots from George Washington to Patrick Henry, Francis Scott Key to Betsy Ross. Each of these people are patriots; they are people who loved and fought for their country. We love them, revere them and love this country that they sacrificed to make free!

In a similar way, each of you are patriots. The country you are fighting for is the kingdom of God and the war in which we are engaged is for the souls of men. Because of your incredible sacrifice in this cause, great blessings are taking place in our mission and in the lives of those who are gaining true independence--from sin.

In 1 Ne 16:29 Nephi writes, "And thus we see that by small means the Lord can bring about great things."

As most of you recall, we invited many of you to fast with us during the month of May to help us find and progress many of God's children to the waters of baptism. In June we have seen the fruits of these "small means" combine with your great effort. This past month we saw more of our brothers and sisters enter into the waters of baptism than any June previously in the HISTORY of the Texas Houston mission and July is looking to be even bigger! The Lord is indeed hastening His work and we are more fully qualifying for the privilege of participating in it.

It is important that we SEE and recognize the fruits of faith. When we do, we should all be sure to give thanks to Him whose work this is. What a wonderful thing it is be able to see the fruits of our collective faith and effort and to see the blessings promised in Isaiah 58 be realized right before our eyes.

We request that you make sure that you are doing all you can do to get people to church by using the church matrix in your planning. This will not only greatly increase the likelihood that people will get to church, but it will activate the faith of the members in your wards and branches.

We hope you enjoy Independence Day as much as your converts are enjoying theirs :)!


President and Sister Mortensen

Mark Owen Vickers

2:37 PM (19 hours ago)
to me, bcc: me
Happy Independence Day Ya'll!

Another great week here is Westfield. The work is going amazing. Elder
Visser and I were able to set 5 baptismal dates for July/August with
two amazing families we have been teaching. Aaron, Allison, Keith,
Ashley and Trey. We'll also be having a wedding for 2 of our
investigators soon. Sorry for the short update this week.

Love ya'll! Until next week.

DEANNE VICKERS deannevick@gmail.com

5:56 PM (15 hours ago)
to Mark
Happy Independence Day!!!!

DEANNE VICKERS deannevick@gmail.com

6:12 PM (15 hours ago)
to Mark
Hi Son,

Thanks for the awesome pics!!! It was so good to hear that you are enjoying such success. My heart swells with such gratitude when I see the light of the Holy Ghost in your eyes. Each week that goes by I see your own conversion increase. This will be the basis for your own service throughout your life. Our Heavenly Father has tremendous blessings and leadership opportunities that await you.

I Love you so much and miss you like crazy, but there is no where else that I would have you than where you are.

Have a fantastic week!!!!!

Love Eternally,


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