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Unity--Part 2

To the Missionaries of the Great Texas Houston Mission,

It wasn't 5 minutes after we sent last weeks letter on unity that we received an email from one of the Bishops in our mission. He said this:

"Thank you for sending two amazing missionaries to our ward. They are diligent, kind, and just love this work. You have a commitment from the Magnolia 2nd Ward that we will do all we can to help reach the mission goal of 600 baptisms this year. Our portion of that is 6 and we hope to exceed that. We hope to do this by prayer and fasting among our members as well as having our ward and full-time missionaries in the homes of our members. There they will make bold invitations to invite each family to seek out those who are ready for the gospel in their lives."

This is unity. When we share a vision of what we are trying to accomplish and an understanding of how to accomplish it, we find unity and heavenly power. The Lord calls this Zion anytime hearts and minds are aligned in things of righteousness. This is what He wants for His children, particularly for those of us called to labor in the field together. Can you imagine what would happen if every Bishop, Ward Council, Ward Mission Leader were similarly committed? We want to thank Elders Chase and Whitaker for having the vision to not only share the mission goal (every member who lives within the boundaries of our mission is part of the Texas Houston Mission), but to break it down for their ward to help them understand how they can contribute. What an inspired Bishop to rally his people around this cause.

This feeling of unity is spreading across our mission. Last night we received a text from another Bishop who said:

"Hi President Mortensen. Just a quick note that the missionaries in the Traditions ward are outstanding! We just had our 3rd double baptism in, I believe 4 weeks. They are amazing. Every Saturday has been booked for baptisms with no end in sight. I just thought you should know."

Does your Bishop feel this way about you? We hope that you will look at the upcoming transfers as a way to recommit to be the best you can be and influence the area and the members in it in inspiring ways. When we think about what is happening in this mission and the reaction that is taking place among the members we think of Mormon's words in Helaman chapter 3 when he describes the prosperity of the church in his day:

25 And so great was the prosperity of the church, and so many the blessings which were poured out upon the people, that even the high priests and the teachers were themselves astonished beyond measure.

26 And it came to pass that the work of the Lord did prosper unto the baptizing and uniting to the church of God, many souls, yea, even tens of thousands.

We love each of you and we feel so privileged to be a part of this great work and witness the hand of the Lord at work within this mission. May He continue to bless you all in your consecrated service!


President and Sister Mortensen

We had the privilege of attending District Meeting in the Montgomery District on Friday. We loved the great spirit among them and learning under Elder Chase's leadership. 

Houston Temple


Jul 17 (1 day ago)
to Mark
Dad and I have been constantly praying for you!  We can't wait to hear how things are going with your investigators and with you that you are safe and well!!!

 Thanks for writing to Lance.  You and Spence just don't know the influence you have on him.  It is wonderful!

I attended Provo city temple again this past week and it verified my testimony that each time I go and serve a little in the temple I am blessed a lot!!!

Lance seems much more receptive to the gospel.  Sister Boone had told me about a book called, "Momma do I have to serve a Mission,"  so I ordered it and started reading it with Lance last night.

We pray for his girlfriend Meg too.  She seems like a really nice girl but not that "active," testimony you look for in an eternal companion.  

I know it makes a huge difference in a relationship if both have a love and testimony of our Saviour.  There is a sweetness in that that the world cannot even come close to.  

It has been fun to watch dad count down your days on your mission.  He's much better at that than I am.  

I will keep this short because I know you don't have a lot of pday time.

Thank you for being wonderful!!!

Mom and Dad!!!


The only thing I can think of is maybe some protein. I was using the cookies and cream Combat protein that comes in a green container from Costco. I would love whatever ya'll want to send though. :) <3
-- Elder Mark Vickers

Mark Owen Vickers

4:16 PM (2 hours ago)
to me
Sorry not enough time for a weekly update this week. I love you all so much. Great things are happening! We have 4 people we are teaching and 2 being taught by the Spanish Elders preparing themselves for baptism on the 30th. Please pray that we are able to safely guide them to the waters.

Until next week,

-- Elder Mark Vickers

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