Friday, December 11, 2015

At the Missionary Training Center

Hello Everyone,

First I have to say the MTC is simply the best. The Spirit that resides here provides missionaries with so much strength. I feel as if I have grown more in this last week than the past several days. I "feel" more like a missionary which is good I think. I want to thank all of you for your great love and support. When I have felt discouraged and I am able to think of those back home it brings me the strength I need to continue.

I do have to say the first few days I had a bit of a rough go. My companion at the time was having feeling of inadequacy and felt the need to return home. This went on for several days meeting with Branch and District leaders to determine the best way forward. It was eventually decided that he would be transferred to a different Branch. He seems to be doing much better now which is great. I pray for him daily that he will be able to complete training at the MTC and Serve With Honor.

My new companion, Elder Villeda, is awesome. He brings so much humor and insight into our lessons. We are starting to really be in sync with our lessons. On that note they have you teaching in the MTC from day 1. It's a bit intimidating, however helps us missionaries grow that much faster. 

The food is good, can't complain, all you can eat. 'Nough said. 

I have made some really good friends here. I thought it might be hard to be 23 around 18 year old Elders and 19 year old Sisters, but it's been great. 

More to come. I think my next P-day(Preperation Day) is on the 21st but we'll see if that changes.

With Love,

-Elder Mark Vickers

Look who I ran into at the MTC :)
With Love,

Elder Mark Vickers

Spencer's friend Tyler Anderson in MTC same time as Mark!

Spencer's friend Tyler in MTC same time as Mark O!


      MTC Christmas 2015

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